Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Inaugural Babysitting-Swap:Date-Weekend"

A few weekends back, we took a trip to Stu and Becky's for the "Inaugural Babysitting-Swap: Date-Weekend." Neil and I got to go on our date on Friday night while our lovely brother and sister fed, bathed, bottled, jammied and put our little man to bed, all the while doing the same for their little lady! Stu and Becky had a lunch date on Saturday, and we watched Courtney and Iain while they napped and played! I think we got the easy job this time around! The rest of the weekend was filled with yummy winter cooking, good company, and lots of fun. We all agree; we should do it again soon! (That's why it's "inaugural"!)

Location one for our date: The Thai Spice

Yummy Thai egg-rolls!

Afterward, we went out for some dessert and sat and talked for a while, before heading home to find our little boy snug in bed. THANK YOU BABYSITTERS!

Neil and I had lots of fun babysitting Courtney!

She was a little cherub the entire time...playing with Sophie, eating her lunch, napping well...just look at that sweet little face!

Our little cherub, on the other hand, was NOT on his best behavior!
Good thing we like him anyway!

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