Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Neil's birthdays always seem to turn into a lengthy event, and this year was no exception! Maybe it's because it falls in February, and everyone needs a little fun at that time of year. No matter the reason, it was another great weekend!

We started the celebrations on Friday night with the Pitman crew, and Neil wanted pizza. So we got pepperoni pizzas from Hy-Vee and a ton of toppings, and made "made-to-order" pizzas. It was fantastic! We finished up (in keeping with the theme) with a brownie-chocolate-caramel-peanut butter cup dessert pizza. Oh. My.

Saturday, Neil and I took off for our first weekend away without Iain. He partied with Grandma and Grandpa Pitman, Uncle Stu and Aunt Becky, and Cousin Courtney, while we went to Madison overnight. We had a ton of fun meandering around in downtown shops and bookstores, sitting and talking as long as our hearts desired in coffee shops and pubs, taking our time over lunch and dinner, soaking in the whirlpool for hours, and staying up late without fear of having to wake up early. (You know...all the things you take for granted before you have a baby!!!) We did miss him a LOT though!

We finished up the three-day birthday weekend with lunch together in the afternoon and presents and a steak dinner last night, along with portabella mushrooms that were about the size of my head!

All in all, a great weekend. Too bad birthdays only come around once a year!

Neil's scrumptiously delicious birthday dessert

Enjoying the snow in downtown Madison

Having fun together!

Iain's balloon "for Daddy"

Neil's present "from Iain"-matching "vintage" tape t-shirt and onesie!
Perfect gift for a rock star and his son!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Weekend was a hit from start to finish! It consisted of a road trip with good coffee, a Pitman-sibling-sleepover-weekend at Stu and Becky's, Babysitting Swap: Date Night, much Olympic watching with the sibling crew (Go Team Canada!), "fun" in the snow with the babies, lots of good (and much needed!) naps, trading of carefully chosen Valentine's gifts and cards, and the traditional heart shaped pizza. Of course there was also a lot of reminiscing and mushy moments as well! Here are a few pictures of the fun we had!

At The Brown Bottle in Iowa City, for a fun, romantic, perfect Valentine's dinner

After-dinner tea, dessert and live music at The Java House

Saturday's adventure was "playing" in the snow with Iain and Courtney

It wasn't a big hit!

Iain was quite concerned....

...and VERY sad!

Our attempt at a Valentine's "family" picture...and this is the best one we got!

Iain's Valentine's dinner-green beans!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Valentine's Day is almost here, and we're super excited! It's always a nostalgic time for Neil and me, as it celebrates our first date, (we know...so cheesy! But it was a coincidence...I promise!) and it's fun to think back to those memories. We're planning a "Babysitting-Swap: Date Weekend" for Valentine's Day, and are excited to get dressed up and try a fun new restaurant. We'll probably commemorate the actual day by getting a heart shaped pizza, (it's become a tradition somehow!) but we've been celebrating all month in the Pitman home. We've designated it "Love-Month" and have been having fun stuffing our mailboxes with "Love-Mail". (Best $4 ever spent...Thanks Target Dollar Spot!) There's no end to the fun...Valentines for Iain from us, notes of adoration for Ella from Iain, cards for me from Neil, tokens for Neil from me, "tolerate" notes for Iain from Ella...and the list goes on! We've had baked goods, coupons, poems, and even a balloon! Iain loves "checking" his mailbox every day, (which for him, entails chewing on the flag!) and I love to wake up in the morning and see my flag up. Love is in the air!