Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Weekend was a hit from start to finish! It consisted of a road trip with good coffee, a Pitman-sibling-sleepover-weekend at Stu and Becky's, Babysitting Swap: Date Night, much Olympic watching with the sibling crew (Go Team Canada!), "fun" in the snow with the babies, lots of good (and much needed!) naps, trading of carefully chosen Valentine's gifts and cards, and the traditional heart shaped pizza. Of course there was also a lot of reminiscing and mushy moments as well! Here are a few pictures of the fun we had!

At The Brown Bottle in Iowa City, for a fun, romantic, perfect Valentine's dinner

After-dinner tea, dessert and live music at The Java House

Saturday's adventure was "playing" in the snow with Iain and Courtney

It wasn't a big hit!

Iain was quite concerned....

...and VERY sad!

Our attempt at a Valentine's "family" picture...and this is the best one we got!

Iain's Valentine's dinner-green beans!


  1. Iain James Pitman....what is with the sad/pouty faces???? You are a funny boy!! Your parents, at least, are smiling!!! Can't say much for Ella...lol

  2. Haha...Beth, this made me laugh! I love the picture of Iain and Courtney...hehe/cute! It sounds like you had a fabulous time! Cant wait to see you Th.!!! wootwoot

  3. Oh, man! Your V-Day family pic is priceless! Those kinds of pictures are the ones you remember the most, when someone's making a pouty face!

  4. What? No red shirt for Ella?!
    My brother and sister-in-law just bought a house here in town, and I'm very much looking forward to instituting the baby-sitting swap weekends! We haven't left Henry yet, but I'm quite ready to attempt it!