Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a Day!

Well, as promised, here are the (unabridged) details and a plethora of photos from Iain's first birthday! If you are a "main facts only" kind of person, there is a previous post that is short and sweet, that gives a good overview of the day. This one is more for us, to help us remember, and for Iain, when he's older. It is very sad to me that first birthdays are so much fun to celebrate, but the birthday celebrate-ee won't remember a single thing about it! So Iain, when you're older, let this serve as a record that we DID celebrate your first birthday...and it was a ton of fun!

Neil and I started the day by waking Iain up with a birthday balloon. Now, although he had no idea it was his birthday, I think he knew something was up, because he seemed quite confused by Mama and Daddy showing up crib-side with a balloon. This boy LOVES balloons, so he already knew it was going to be a good day. Then, as if a balloon wasn't cool enough to wake up to, he got a morning bath! I think it was his first morning bath ever, and it was only because he didn't get one the day before, and his hair was all nappy from sunscreen. BUT, in Iain's books, NOTHING is better than a bath, so any day that starts with a bath is perfect. Then we had a yummy birthday breakfast of pancakes and sausage with Grandmoo, Grampy, Aunt Becky and Courtney. Iain and Courtney also got their first tastes of juice. Iain wasn't impressed, but Courtney seemed to enjoy it!
YAY for birthday pancakes!

From there, it was off to Madison to the (free) Henry Vilas Zoo. We had decided on a "lion" theme for Iain's birthday, since his 100% prize possession is "Mr. Lion", his little stuffed animal that has slept by his side nearly every night since he was born. So when we were wracking our brains trying to think of something to do on Iain's birthday that he would REALLY enjoy, the zoo seemed like the perfect option! We spent a few hours there, looking at all the animals, looking at all the people, and generally enjoying the sights, sounds and action. It was the perfect temperature, and nice and sunny, so it made for a really nice day!

Iain and Daddy enjoying the zoo!
(One year later, and still lookin' like twins!)

Courtney and Iain both loved all the animals, but truth be told, Courtney might have liked people-watching just as well.

Iain really enjoyed seeing all the animals, although we were VERY sad that the lions were away for breeding purposes. Gah! Don't they know this was "Lion-birthday"!

Iain even bravely touched this Brahman sacred cow!

Iain and Grampy-we all had to take turns holding the various babies and pushing the two (empty) strollers, because when they kids were in the strollers, they couldn't see anything! Best-laid plans...but at least we had somewhere to put all our stuff!

Gramoo's turn!!



After we had our fill of the zoo, we walked over to a nearby park to enjoy a picnic lunch. Home-made sub sandwiches, chips and dip, veggies, and pickles. Surprise, surprise, Iain's and Courtney's favorite part was the pickles! Who knew!
Enjoying a birthday lunch of bread and pickles!

In keeping with the lion theme, I'd mad some lion cupcakes for dessert, and we all enjoyed them. The babies ESPECIALLY enjoyed them, and each ate a whole cupcake, which was probably more sugar than either of them had ingested in their entire lives thus far. We did pay for this later, as both of them refused to nap for the rest of the afternoon! But, what's a birthday without a little sugar, right?

After the cupcake extravaganza, both babies were in major need of a rinse-off, so we headed to the nearby beach for a little swim. (Little being the key word, as the water was somewhat chilly, and not to the liking of our hot-blooded little babes!)
Courtney, getting a little rinse in the lake!

SAD little Iain, getting his turn!

On our way back to the car, we snapped a picture of me and Iain, just so we'd have proof that Iain's mama WAS indeed at his first birthday party!

After a FULL day of fun and adventure...there was still more in store! We headed home to meet the rest of the family (minus Auntie Breha, and Uncles Brett and Stu who couldn't come) for a Birthday Backyard BBQ. We always envisioned the party outside, and the weather cooperated nicely, so we were able to eat on the back patio under the pergola, and to use our new benches my dad made-it was perfect! I also really wanted to make a banner that could become a birthday tradition for our family. With my mom's help, we got it done in the nick of time, and with the bright paper lanterns strung up, the colorful banner, and the fun table, it turned out to be just what my vision of a first birthday would be! (Photo of banner and table in previous post!) Going along with the lion-zoo-animal theme, we used animal crackers for the place-cards. We also made Iain a birthday bib, because we couldn't find one to buy. It was so much fun!
The Birthday Boy's chair

I think the animal crackers may have been Iain's favorite part of the day!

Auntie Ashlee made Iain's cake...and it was AMAZING!! She got a picture of his lion and made an exact replica out of fondant. She decorated the sides with polka-dots and punched out "Happy Birthday Iain" in fondant letters on the top. It tasted delicious, and looked fantastic! There is a close-up of the cake in my previous post, and some fantastic pictures on her blog, as it was one of her May "cakes of the month".
"Hey look Aunt Ashlee...that's my lion on there!"

Iain then proceeded to eat ANOTHER sugary and delicious treat...which led to him subsequently barfing up most of it, and staying up about two hours past his bedtime on a complete sugar high, dancing and prancing around the living room! (More details on that to follow...)

After dinner we watched a slide-show Neil had made of Iain's first year of life. It was such a blessing to see how he's grown, developed and changed over the past 365 days. I still find it hard to remember that the little peanut in the hospital, hooked up to every machine and monitor known to man, is the same big boy who is walking, clapping, laughing, dancing and talking his way through life now. It's such an answer prayer, and I think we all got a little teary remembering how far the Lord has brought us this year.

Finally, we headed back outside for presents, which Iain (mostly) enjoyed-in particular the ripping, tearing, and searching, but sadly, my photos aren't great, due to a combination of low lighting, non-observant photographing, and a sugar-induced semi-grouchy boy.

Iain's MONSTER bookend made by Aunt Ashlee and his Popsicle holders from Uncle G and Aunt A-I think he will love them, as he already enjoys chewing on them!!

Iain's personal touch-and-feel "My Backyard" book, made by Aunt Becky...full of all the fun things we see in our yard (squirrels, birds, bunnies, deer, Mommy, Daddy, Iain) complete with fun textures!

Practicing making music on his xylophone, from Mommy and Daddy

Trying out his new tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa Pitman!

It was a fun-filled, busy, chaotic, tiring day, but a wonderful celebration of a little boy who we all love so much. As previously mentioned, we ended the evening with a one-man dance party in the living room, a crazy walker who teetered and tottered from the living room to the dining room and back, taking about nine or ten running steps a time, screeching, clapping, and laughing all the way. He finally fell exhausted into bed at 10:30, about two hours past "bedtime". He was up a few times in the night...I think his little tummy might have hurt from all the excitement and cake! It was a perfect day, from start to finish, but I must admit, it's probably good that birthdays only come around once a year!

I guess this sums it up!
We love you Iain, and were so happy to celebrate your first year of life!


  1. What fun! I can't belive he chucked up the birthday cake!

  2. Wow, what a fun celebration! Makes me feel like a bad mom for the comparatively lame first birthday that Clara got.

    That backyard book sounds cool! I'd love to see some pictures of the inside of it.

  3. Yeah, ditto on seeing the inside of the backyard book. And I loved the cute lion cupcakes that matched the big cake! SOOOO cute!

  4. How FUN! :) Loved all the pictures...and the story. Oh, congratulations, by the way! I'm so excited for you guys. I'll be praying. :) Have a wonderful summer. Oh, the cupcakes were absolutely adorable. :)