Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, we've been back from our super fun trip to "The South" for about a week, but before I make it official by documenting it in blogger-land, I thought I should finish up our trip to "The North", as we were finally able to rescue the pictures that were stuck on our little camera. Unfortunately, I didn't capture too many actual events on this camera either...I really fell down on my photographic duties this time around! The BBQ, market, carousel, and many other fun things are MIA and will live on only in our memories! But a few fun excursions did make their appearance! Here they are!

On our way to Iain's first baseball game! GO BLUE JAYS!

Big boy on the Subway!

Feeding the pigeons, Iain's favorite part of the day!

Takin' a stroll in the big city!

Mmm!! Toronto-dogs!
See the cute hot-dog man in the background? Brett picked his stand because of his cool cap and because no one else was there, so he looked sad! I must say, it was a good choice!

Sunglasses themed photo shoot with Auntie Breha and Uncle Brett!

Nap-time for Iain with Gramoo

Iain crowd surfing on our way home...

Shopping trip with Deborah to Niagara-on-the-Lake

Iain had fun too!

Quick girls' trip to Ikea! Famous Sarah quote:
"I won't have ice cream in the picture, because I already finished mine!"
Once again, a too short, very fun trip with many loved ones! Photos from the Southern adventure coming VERY soon! :)

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