Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rewind and Recap: September

Wow. Has it really been over two months since we've had a new blog post! I knew we were busy, but I realize we were THAT busy! It's been a whirlwind fall, that passed in a blur of "pass, set and hit", and "GOOO EAGLES!" That's right, it was volleyball season, which meant a lot of fun AND very little free time. The past two months have seen Neil basically working two jobs, with lots of planning, practices, and games in any and all of his "free" time, and me doing double duty as Mom, since Dad was pretty busy! And of course, lugging Iain to lots and LOTS of volleyball games! Couple that crazy schedule with a busy toddler and a third trimester pregnancy, and you get a picture of our autumn! It was mostly a "if we have a split second free, you'll probably find us napping" kind of time...which meant not a lot of blogging!

Not to say we didn't do ANYTHING but volleyball...! There were some good weekends of family time, and even a trip to Canada! (More about that in October's recap!) And after two months of heading to the "gym" at the "school" to see Daddy's "team" play with the "ball" (four of Iain's favorite words!) our little man is now volleyball's biggest fan! We had a lot of fun with the Emmaus team this year-they are a great group of girls, and did a fantastic job all season! I took some road trips along with them, (both with and without Iain) and Neil took some others without us, and we also had a super-fun team dinner. The season ended just over a week ago, and the Emmaus Lady Eagles finished on a high note at the ACCA National tournament in Kansas City. (More about that in November's recap!)

But for now...September! It almost seems like another world when I look at the pictures, with the green leaves on the trees, and the short sleeves and flip flops, and it sure feels like a long time ago!

Labor Day weekend we headed down to Cedar Rapids to support the Tri-Sate Christian School Lady Huskies in their annual pre-season tournament. It was a lot of fun to watch the TSCS girls play, and a little nostalgic too! Saturday we even found a fun and free farm to take Iain to visit! He liked to see all the animals, but his favorite two things at the farm were the fan on the wall of the barn, and the ball in the pigpen. He also got to ride a duck, and tried his first corn-dog! All in all, a great holiday weekend!

We also went (for the first time!) to the annual Dubuque Labor Day parade! It was cool and windy, and the parade lasted FOR-EVER with about a million trucks, tractors and union workers (guess that's the point of a Labor Day parade though..!) but Iain sure enjoyed it! He was much more keen on all the sights and sounds than he was at his last parade! We even met up with our "across-the-road" neighbor, and got to share her blanket and get to know her a bit.

We baked cupcakes a few times for the girls on the volleyball team, and Iain was reminded how good "cake" is. It's another of his favorite words.

...AND apparently we went through a phase of very static-y hair for Mr. Iain! For some odd reason, his hair looked like this for about a week and then it went back to normal.

More to come from our fall recap tomorrow, and I plan to be a better blogger from here on out! (At least until Baby comes... in about a month!)

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  1. Oh my goodness his hair is a riot!