Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy ONE MONTH Baby Liam!

Well Mr. Liam, you have been around for an entire month! (and one day actually, but who's keeping track?) I had the best intentions to post this yesterday, and I did get the picture taken, so that, at least, is legitimate! But I guess that is what happens when you are in a family with TWO crazy boys! And, as a matter of fact, I think that when your brother was born, I took a five month (or so) break from blogging! So compared to that, you're doing rather well!

What is going on with you at one month? you are...
You're a hungry little hobbit, who would eat all day if we'd let you, hence those big chubby cheeks! You are certainly a different model than your chicken-legged brother, (although he was a chubster too at first, if I recall!) and I am not used to seeing a baby with a big chubby tummy, rolls all over your arms and legs, and a double chin! It's really cute! I don't know what you weigh now, but you feel pretty darn heavy to me! You are still a VERY tall are have almost outgrown all of your cozy newborn sleepers; they are getting too short in the legs and sleeves. You are starting to lose some of your dark, thick hair (you have a bit of a receding hairline my sweet...!) and what you do have is getting lighter-almost a reddish brown. Your eyes are still dark blue, but we're not getting attached to them, in case they change. You are very expressive, but we still haven't seen any smiles from you. You have a cute little frown that you show us when you're bothered though. Everybody tells us that you look more like your Patterson relatives, and I think you look a lot like your Grampy and your Uncle Brett.

So that's what you look like right now...and here's what you ARE like. You've been a good baby, from day one. You only cry when you need something; mostly food, but burps, poppy diapers and being cold also provoke you. Also, about an hour and a half after you wake up, you start to get fussy, and Mama knows it's time to sleep, and you're crying for your bed. We like this feature! You nap very well during the day, and sleep well at night too. You usually go to bed with no problem at about 9pm, wake up to eat at about 2am and then sleep until morning. You don't like to go to sleep again after you eat at 6am, so we're going to work on that, because your family (even big brother) all like to sleep in! Your fussy time seems to be between 5:30 and 7pm every night, which is the only time you don't nap well, and want to be held. This is tough, because it's when we're trying to make dinner. You do like your swing though, and being carried close to Mama in the Baby Bjorn. In fact, you ALWAYS like to be close to us, and if we would hold you all day long, I think you'd sleep all day long! Because you're such a snuggler, and hate being cold, we've started warming up your bed with a heating pad. You like that a LOT! You also love a hot bath (just like your brother!) and you hate getting out.

You don't do much just yet, but you are a champ at holding your head up-you're very strong! You don't mind tummy time much, and have a very willing teacher in Big Brother Iain. The other night when you were laying on your tummy, you just about rolled over, which is very early to be doing that, so we think it was just a mistake. And we caught you too, so you didn't bonk your little head. You are very, VERY alert. We have always joked about your "shifty little eyes" darting all over the place, but now that they're open wider, they don't look so shifty! But they still look all are very curious! And you've started making some fun noises too.

Since it's in the dead of a long, cold winter here in Iowa (we just got 13 inches of snow last night!), we haven't taken you many places. You've been to church once, and to Grandma and Grandpa's house a few times. We have had a few trips to the doctor, and last weekend you went on a big adventure with Mom and Dad to go buy a new car! We were in the car for three and a half hours each way, and you slept the whole time! You love the motion! Mostly, we just stay cozy at home, and you are getting the benefit of hearing tons of stories read to your big brother!

By the way, that big brother of yours...I think he really likes you! He calls you "Baby Iam", or sometimes "LLLLLIAM!" He always wants to kiss you, hug you, hold you and snuggle you. He loves to show you things, like his books, and how to do things, and always tries to share his toys with you. He can sometimes be a bit rough with you though, so we're working on that. If he grabs you too hard, he'll say "Baby Iam. Cryin'." I think this might make you tougher in the end! He loves to help with your care, and throws away all of your diapers, gets your blankets, puts away your bottles, and lets me know every time you cry or have a "spitter". He is so proud of you!

We are so glad that you are here little man, and we love you so, SO much! We can't wait to see what the next month brings! Come on smiles! Come on coos!


  1. This was really, really cute Beth!

  2. aw...what a sweet commentary on his life so far!! Glad he's a good sleeper! you sure need that! may have to crop the picture at the bottom as he has one obvious finger sticking out...just