Thursday, July 21, 2011

Full House!

We've had a great time watching Courtney and Cal for the past couple of days! Here's what we've learned from our time with four children:

  1. The mall (and its play area!) is a great place to go on a hot day to let kiddos get their energy out.
  2. If you do will get stares from passers-by, as they ogle you and your "two sets of twins"!
  3. It's extremely difficult to get two toddlers in the same frame, let alone still long enough to snap a non-blurry picture.
  4. Given the choice, Iain will choose the blue car, and Courtney the pink.
  5. Everything DOES take twice as long with twice as many!
  6. Little Caesar's $5 money ever spent!
  7. Even a family vehicle like the Pilot will feel a bit like a clown car when you're cramming six people (and four car seats!) into it!
  8. There's no quiet like the quiet when you've just put four kids to bed!
  9. When you're sleeping peacefully with four kids under your wing, the one who will wake you up at 2am is the cat. Grr.
  10. If we ever have a girl, I will need some serious "hairdo" lessons.
  11. Play doh and paint will keep kids entertained (and constrained!) for a long time!
  12. It is possible to have four kids napping simultaneously for several hours a day!
  13. Flora Pool closes at 5:30pm, NOT 5pm. Darnit!
  14. Eagle Point Park's splash pad is an acceptable "pool" substitute. In the kids' minds at least.
  15. If there's concrete to fall on, Iain will fall on it.
  16. McDonald's sells socks!
  17. A grown-up CAN fit all the way to the top of the Play Place jungle gym!
  18. Iain and Courtney are really FUN!
  19. Liam and Calvin are really GOOD.
  20. We're so lucky to have family who are up for these kinds of crazy schemes!
Here are the photos!
Can't wait to do it again soon!

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