Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inside Out

We've pretty much lived outside this summer. Dinner on the patio, lunch on a picnic blanket, popsicles, pools and sunshine. There weren't many days that we missed taking a long walk, even with the rain and the heat.
We've had tons of fun in the sun, and while I loved every minute, I think I took it for granted. For the last couple of days, with one thing and another (sick boys, busy schedules, morning rainstorms) we've been mostly hunkered down inside. It was sort of nice at first, like a harbinger of fall. It's been fun to see Iain rediscovering all his old friends that have been packed away since spring, and teaching Liam the intricacies of shape sorting and ring stacking, but in the end, it's made for a long couple of days.
When we spend the morning inside, the house is somewhat disastrous, the boys are somewhat antsy, and Mama is somewhat stir-crazy. Naptime feels like it will never arrive, and I am begin to get nervous about the long Iowa winter. So today, after naps, outside we go! Time to start enjoying what's left of the nice weather, busy or not, muddy or dry. I think this fall we will adopt a "rain or shine" policy! And come winter...if it's not fifty below...outside we go!

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  1. Oh, I hear you! I am totally already dreading the arrival of winter. I too wonder how the girls and I will survive being cooped up in the house so much. I'm just hoping we are at least healthier than we were last winter.