Saturday, February 28, 2009

Follow Up Ultrasound

We had our follow up ultrasound (29 weeks) this week in Dubuque to check on Baby's brain again. We were so encouraged after our last appointment in Iowa City, so we were expecting another good report. Unfortunately this was not the case.

It appears the ventricles in Baby's little brain are now measuring over 16mm. Two months ago they were measuring just over 10mm, which was enough of a concern that we were sent to Iowa City. This amount of fluid seems to be a severe problem, as well as the fact that it seems to be increasing. There also may be some issue with the corpus callosum (the part that connects the 2 sides of the brain), but the ultrasound in Dubuque could not confirm that. We now have to go back to Iowa City next week for another level II ultrasound and to consult with a specialist. We hope at the very least to get some kind of diagnosis at this time.

Here are some specific things you can pray for:

1. That the ventricle size in the brain would decrease to under 10mm (this is the "magic" number).

2. That the corpus callosum would be healthy.

3. That we would have strength and peace in this time of uncertainty

It is hard not to be frustrated and worry at this time, but we are placing our trust in the Author and Giver of life.

We will have an update for you all on March 4th, the day of our appointment (which is at 8:45am).
Thank you for your prayers for us and our little one!


  1. awww, baby p is so cute. praying for a good report and for baby to stay healthy! hang in there, God is in control - just like you said. love you so dearly!! thanks for keeping us updated and letting us know how we can pray. miss you!

  2. God is sovereign and He is good and He is love...Praying for you guys and the baby... thanks for the update...