Monday, February 9, 2009

We're going to have...

A Niece!
Stu and Becky found out on Thursday that they are having a girl! We are so excited to have a little niece! And it's already been fun to pick out cute, girly clothes and accessories.
We are still not sure what our Baby Pitman will be, as we opted to "not find out". But although we don't want to know FOR SURE, we are doing everything we can to figure it out on our own. We're eating up all the old wives' tales (carrying high vs. carrying low etc.) and the Chinese lunar calendar...with very mixed results! We even took a quiz based on these "predictors" and found out that there is a 50% chance we're having a girl...and a 50% chance we're having a boy! (Helpful!)
Regardless, he or she will be here in about 95 days! And will be wearing these VERY cute (VERY gender neutral) cloth diapers on his or her little baby butt! This is our first "shower" present (a little before the shower!) from Mum Patterson. They arrived today, and we think they are SO fun! (Ask us again how fun they are when we're doing a load of poopy diapers per day!)

Baby is currently 26 weeks, and is as long as an English cucumber, and as heavy as a rutabaga! We head to Canada this weekend (with the little rutabaga!) for a visit, "Family Valentine's Day" and our first baby shower. We'll post more pictures soon!


  1. We're going to have a niece also! My brother and his wife are due in June!

  2. my friend from here uses fuzzi buns and loves them! i bet you'll like them too. have fun at your shower, can't wait to see more pictures! and so neat that becky and stu are preggo too. love you! :)

  3. You're going to Canada? I wish I was, too!
    Drive safely!

  4. fuzzi buns are so cute! how nice of mum patterson :)