Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Not all those who wander are lost..."

Last weekend we did something we've been talking about doing for a LONG time! We had a Lord of the Rings marathon with Graeme and Ashlee! Becky and Courtney joined in the fun too, although they were less marathon-ers and more just companions, as they didn't watch any of the movies! We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy our marathon at our Pitman parents' lovely home, which has a very cozy family room, just as nice as a hobbit hole, and a wonderfully large flat screen TV, which made almost 12 hours of movie watching much more enjoyable! AND, as if the marathon wasn't fun enough in make a good weekend even better...we also ate like hobbits! If you know anything about hobbits...that means seven meals a day! We did, however, break up our seven meals into two days, because it seemed a little excessive. But, don't get me wrong...there was still a LOT of food! And since it was hobbit food, it was DELICIOUS! We had a fantastic time, and think that it needs to become a yearly tradition! Here are some pictures of our fun weekend...and I realize that they are nearly ALL of food...but when you spend a whole weekend watching movies and eating during the "intermissions"...that's what you get!!

Our elven "lembas" wrapped in "leaves"
(or Grandma Shedden's shortbread, wrapped in tissue!)
Neil feels this is what lembas bread must have been...dense, sweet, and a mouthful fills you up! (Unless you're a hobbit or Graeme!!)

Our awesome commemorative t-shirts!
"But the only brew for the brave and true...comes from The Green Dragon!"

The littlest hobbit of the Shire!

Elevensies: sausage, taters and field greens with mushrooms

Afternoon tea and scones with jam and cream....mmmm!

Dinner: hearty stew and crusty bread

Supper: individual apple pies and home-made cream

First breakfast: berries and cream

Second breakfast: eggs, taters, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, crumpets, coffee and cream **Please note that this very hobbit-y portioned plate is NEIL'S! (But in all fairness...he skipped the "first breakfast" fruit offering!)

Luncheon: mince and taters with glazed carrots and crusty bread
Not shown: "Last Resort" bread pudding and tea for dessert

It was such a fun time together, and watching the movies all in a row made them seem so much more epic. (I realize this word is over-used A LOT, but in this case, it really does fit!) For all of you Lord of the Rings fans...grab your best hobbit friends, and have a marathon! You really won't regret it!

NOTE: For the "oh-so much more beautiful" photos of our weekend, check out the ones taken by my awesome photographer brother-in-law, Graeme, AND find yourself a lovely new blog by my wonderful sister-in-law's the link to Ashlee's Blog! Enjoy!


  1. I love this post! I think you need to write up mine for me because I am just not very wordy. I was also just thinking that I wish I had your food photos to post!