Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It is so fitting that we celebrate Easter in the spring. Everything about this time of year just shouts resurrection. New life. Joy! As I see the flowers, the leaves, the grass springing forth after their long winter's slumber, it is such a tangible reminder that death is swallowed up in life, that victory is ours! He is risen indeed! We had a wonderful Easter trip to Canada filled with sunshine, good friends, precious family and delicious food. It was altogether too short, but we loved every second. Here are some captured moments of our time and this beautiful season.
These eggs are not merely festive decorations-they are also Iain's favorite toy!
He loves to throw them on the ground and laugh and laugh...!

Delicious "Good Saturday" brunch with family and friends in the homeland-a precious tradition!

Our little bunny opening his Easter basket

Handsome little Easter fella!

Iain and his new best friend Abby!

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  1. Could you guys just start doing your holidays a week earlier than everyone else so I can observe and copy your great ideas?