Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Perfect Summer Day (...in April)

Sunday was just too perfect a day NOT to be outside! After church, we enjoyed a great Sunday afternoon lunch with the Pitman crew, a nap, and a good game of golf (for Neil), and we still weren't ready to come in from the sunshine. So we packed a picnic supper and walked up to Allison Henderson park for some outdoors family time. It was a perfect end to a great weekend! We finished up with the first ice-cream of "summer" from Beecher's. What a great day!

We ate dinner on a blanket and played with a ball...

We drove a "bus"...
("...Look Ma! No hands!")

We rode a motorcycle!

We dug up the dirt with our backhoe!

We tried swings for the first time! And loved them!

In case we were feeling too optomistic about the weather in Iowa in April, on our walk home, we noticed the temperature rapidly dropping, bringing us back to reality and leaving our baby in shorts a little cold! But it was still a fun time, and a great token of what's to come! Bring on summer!

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