Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Courtney's Birthday...and FAREWELL!

It's a catch-22. In the winter, life is dull and slow paced. We have all the time in the world to blog...but nothing to blog about! But summer. Ah...summer. Vacations, trips and travel, lots to do, lots to see...it passes in a whirlwind and presents unlimited fun activities to blog about...but there's no time TO blog...because we're having too much fun having fun.

I am about a month behind here, but there are a few things that were just too fun to miss sharing. Our next big adventure starts Thursday, so I thought it was time to catch up.

July 3rd, our lovely little niece Courtney Grace Pitman turned one year old. It was bittersweet, because July 3rd was also Becky, Stu and Courtney's last day in Iowa, as they left that afternoon for their (at least but hopefully only) one-year move to North Carolina.

So she won't forget us all, one of her gifts that I made was a photo album of her Pitman family, complete with poems about each of us. Here are a few of them:

We celebrated her birthday one day early, as her actual birthday would be packed with a fun-filled last hurrah at Garnavillo's 4th of July celebration (more to come on that tomorrow!) and travel (more on the Thursday!) by almost all of the Pitman clan to follow. The day was full of sun, fun and joy, with a trip to the pool-every kid's favorite place! and a family BBQ at the Pitmans to wrap it up.
Here is the birthday girl, looking cute as ever!!

Cousin Iain, enjoying Courtney's toys at Courtney's pool party!

A beautiful cupcake-cake made by our resident baker-Auntie Ashlee!

FUN place-cards made by Courtney's Mommy

Iain showed his festive spirit for Courtney's birthday...!

And boy...did those kids eat cake!!!

Farewell dear ones...we will miss you EVERY day.

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