Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When in Rome...

Although Neil is a citizen, neither of us consider ourselves "American". Our hearts are still Canadian, and every year we celebrate "Canada Day" in some way...whether wearing red and white, or making poutine for dinner! But, I will say that there is nothing like a good old Fourth of July celebration. If you've never celebrated the 4th in small-town need to! And no small town does it better than "Garnavilla"!

Since Neil and I were dating, we've looked forward to the pilgrimage to Garnavillo, Iowa, with various Pitmans, Bishops, Pattersons, and other riff-raff for a morning parade and lunch in the park. This year was extra-special, since it was our "last great event" with Stu and Becky and Courtney. All of the Pitman siblings headed up highway 52 in the early hours of Saturday morning, and arrived in time to find our wonderful "front-row seats" on the corner, saved by Becky's great-Auntie Faye. We had enough time to grab a (delicious) snack from the bakery owned by Becky's mom's cousin (best five bucks ever spent...two delicious cream topped, caramel and fudge decorated iced coffees and two GIGANTIC cinnamon rolls, for about $4.75!!) and settled in to watch the parade. Then it was off to the park for some chicken dinners, authentic tamales and tacos, and to savor the last few hours together. Here are (many) pictures of our fun day.
Parade watchin'
Family shots

Our little spot on the corner
Big boy, watching the big parade

Some of the floats

Still a LITTLE scared of the fire-trucks!

Cute parade watchers

Tired out!


The whole gang of Pitman kids

Plus Auntie Faye-spot-saver extraorinaire!
Shortly after the last picture was taken, and the last morsel of chicken eaten, it was time for our sad goodbyes. The only thing that made knowing Stu and Becky were getting in a moving van and driving 16 hours away from us was knowing that we were off for our Canadian vacation, and would be spending two glorious weeks with the Patterson clan and Ontario friends. We sure do love our Pitman family, and it was hard to see them go! But as we know..."true friends are always together in spirit". -Anne of Green Gables


  1. Beth - I always enjoy reading your blog - it's so great to see how you all are doing, and seeing that cutie pie of yours grow up! Looks like you had a wonderful 4th of July celebration. :) Love the pics - keep em coming! Miss you.