Monday, May 2, 2011

Fab Four

Liam Bunny-Easter 2011

Little Liam! You are four months old. Yesterday. But I forgot that "thirty days has September...APRIL, June and November", so I missed that it was may. So here I am today saying "Congratulations on being a third of a year (and a day) old!"

It's been another good month for us all. We celebrated Easter, and you visited the Easter Bunny. We visited family and were visited by friends. We took another road trip, and once again you traveled like a champ. You really are making life easy for your Mom and Dad! You adjust well to new situations, you don't mind if things get a bit off just kind of roll with it. As long as you get fed on're good to go! You've been getting teeth this month, so you're drooly, drooly, drooly...! But you still have your typical happy disposition, and you're eating well and sleeping well...just don't get in the way of you and your Sophie!

The big news of this month is that we moved you into your crib, in your own room. And you thanked us by sleeping through the night! And I mean REALLY sleeping through the night. None of this "sleeping through the night is defined as no waking between midnight and 5am" business. You've been missing your night feeding sporadically for the past few months, with some lucky "sleep-ins" of about 5am or 6am, but the night we moved you to your new bed, you slept straight from 8:30-7:30, and have been doing it pretty regularly ever since! Yay! Then (in keeping with the late-rising routine we've got going in this house!) you eat and go back to sleep for a couple more hours. It's fantastic! This means that Mom can get things done during the week while you and big brother sleep, and on the weekend...we all sleep late! Naps still go well, although this month we experienced some trouble with that dratted 45-minute intruder. But if I leave you alone, you always go back to sleep. We've been letting you take some of your naps (sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening) in the stroller lately, as we walk, which means that your middle of the day nap is your longest. This is wonderful, as it coincides with your brother's nap! Two babies sleeping for 2+ hours is a wonderful thing! Also related to sleeping, we've started putting you in your sleep-sack and just swaddling your arms, to get ready to transition to no-swaddle. You really like your cozy sleeping bag! Thanks Grammie!

You've also gotten a lot stronger; when you do tummy time you push up and wriggle and writhe like you're about to take off. And you're so close to rolling over too! I think it will happen any day now! On your back, you turn yourself in circles and move all around. You're never in the place I left you! You've begun reaching out and grabbing for things, instead of just holding them, so that's fun! And you really like the dangle-y wooden toys from Ikea that Iain loved too. You have started going in your jolly jumper too, and you seem to like it, although sometimes you look a bit seasick hanging around in there. We've taken the sling out of your bathtub so that you can splash around more, and you love that too.

You're developing a very sweet little personality too. You laugh and laugh now-it's so cute! No little giggles for've got a big belly laugh! Big brother Iain gets more than his fair share of laughs out of you; you love to watch him and interact with him, and he loves to sing to you, hold your hand, tell you stories, play the guitar for name it. I think you're on your way to becoming best buds.

Sadly, you're not our little hobbit anymore. Your body hair seems to have disappeared overnight (maybe it was just waiting for spring to come!) and you're thinning out a little. You're still roly-poly, but not as much as you were! And speaking of's not your strong point. You've developed the dreaded newborn bald spot on the back of your head (only enhanced by the thick dark hair that still remains in the back!) and you've lost most of your baby hair, but the few locks that are left stick up Flock of Seagulls style on top. I think you might need a trim soon. (Only a year earlier than your brother's first haircut!) The hair coming in is much lighter, so we're interested to see what happens when we're outside all summer! Will you be a blondie like your mom and brother, or will you even out the balance and go to the dark-side like Dad? I am almost certain your eyes are blue to stay, and they are very brilliant, and very beautiful!

We've been enjoying pending time outside as the weather warms up; you really seem to like it! Maybe this month we'll even be able to break out the kiddie pool! And we're very excited about a visit from Grandma and Grampy in a few weeks. Maybe Grampy will take you to find your first morel! We'll also be celebrating Big Brother's second birthday, so there will be lots of fun in store for us all! What else will this fifth month of life hold for you? We're looking forward to finding out!

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