Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!

On this Mother's Day weekend, I'm feeling VERY thankful for...

  • A Mom (my own!) who loved me, took care of me, taught me, guided me and inspired me from the day I was born...and still does! Words could never say how glad I am to have you as my Mom! (That goes for you too Dad...but you'll get your turn in June!)
  • A Mother-in-law who loves me like her own child, and makes me glad every day to be a part of her clan! I'm so lucky to have gained such a wonderful "second Mom" and so thankful for the things you taught your son!
  • My dear Grandmothers who have gone on, for the example they left and the love they gave...!
  • A kindred sister who has been my encouragement, sounding board, and partner-in-crime for each step of this parenting journey...and helps keep me sane along the way! So glad we could do this together!
  • A sister-great-with-child, whose tender heart and gentle spirit already make her a WONDERFUL Mama to our little nephew she carries! Can't wait to see you as a Mom!
  • An expectant sister who is perfectly prepared and ready to be the right Mommy to the right little one that God has perfectly prepared for excited to see how it all unfolds! So glad that my brother has you for a wife!
  • These same mothers and sisters, for the love they pour out as Grandmas and Aunties...! I will never have to worry that my boys lack good examples of patience, love and kindness...even when my own virtues are lacking!
  • The bevy friends (near and far!) who remind me every day what the sacrifice of motherhood looks like, give the encouragement I need to make it through this journey, or just make me laugh at the trials...! So thankful for you all!
  • My crazy dynamic duo...a winsome toddler who first taught my heart what the love of a mother is, just two short years ago and a wonderful baby boy who showed me that love can indeed expand, even when the heart seems full! You both make me laugh, bring me joy, teach me and amaze me every single day. To my sweet, sweet boys, I love you beyond words and I am so glad to be your Mommy!
  • The husband who makes my job as a Mom easy! You are SO wonderful.
What about you? Do you have a mom or two to thank?

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