Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're Still Here...

The past few weeks have been slightly hectic, to say the least. Although it's my favorite season, autumn has always been our busiest time of year as well. Coaching volleyball takes up most of Neil's free time and I spend the majority of months that end in "er" running around like a madwoman; doing double-duty with the boys, trying to get to as many of Neil's games as we can between naps, meals and bedtime, and inventing things to keep the boys occupied when Daddy is away. This year, we had the added bonus of our nasty bout of sickness, so it's been an insane month.

The boys did test positive for whooping cough, so we were sequestered at home until their antibiotics were completed. Even when they were no longer contagious, we still didn't stray to far, as we could never tell when a coughing fit would hit someone. I think everyone is finally on the mend, although I hear that the coughing can still last a few months. It was no picnic, that's for sure, but we're very thankful it wasn't worse than it was!

As a result, the boys and I just got to our first volleyball games of the season last weekend. We headed to Chicago with the team, and the boys had a blast! Iain actually watched some volleyball this year, and he was a great cheer-er! But what he really liked really liked all the girls (especially because they let him play with their computers, phones and cameras, shoot video and play with the volleyballs!). Liam just loved having so maybe people too hold him, talk to him and love him! I was excited to finally get to see a the girls play, and to visit with a certain wonderful Loyola University student! The weekend wasn't without its pitfalls (two coughing boys in one small hotel room, a late night, and an early morning, a towed van, lots of traffic, and a cell phone with no signal) but overall it was a good time! The girls did a great job, and Iain and Liam loved their new fan club!

In other news, we got to meet our new nephew, Rowan Eliot Pitman, at the beginning of the month, and he's awesome! We've loved holding him, and seeing him change even in just a few weeks. I truly can't believe that our boys were that small not even that long ago! He looks a lot like Iain did as a baby, so it's very nostalgic! He's the cutest little snuggle-bug! (As an aside, Neil and I had our first "date" in months at the Mercy hospital cafeteria, while we waited to meet Baby Rowan. Those folks are not out to make a buck! We both ate pie and had coffee and tea for under $4! So if you're looking for a cheap date, check out your local hospital cafeteria!)

Although we've been having fun making soups, stews, bread and all the best fall goodies, we've also been enjoying the last of the summer bounty. In typical Iain fashion, he discovered an undying love for corn-on-the-cob right about the time it went out of season.

We've had lots of fun with the Pitman crew; it's so nice to have Becky and Stu back in Iowa! The boys and I are getting excited about our trip to Canada next week to see the Patterson crew! Other than this, we've just been sticking around home, trying to get everyone back to good health...trying to get caught up on sleep...trying to get caught up on...laundry.

That about sums it up!

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