Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Our little ragamuffin is a bit more respectable today! At least when it comes to his hair. It was finally time for another haircut; although we loved his long, shaggy, surfer locks, the combination of mullet and rat tail was getting a bit much. It went very smoothly...Mikaela is a hair-cutting magician, wielding suckers and robot capes, and Iain climbed right up onto the booster seat and was let her work her magic without protest.

Here's the ragamuffin pre-haircut , ready for the adventure.

Happy Haircut!! Don't you want to get your hair cut by Mik too? She's awesome! I don't know if she gives out suckers to adults...but maybe if you asked very nicely!

...And after! Not the most flattering shots! The little imp wouldn't make a normal face or sit still long enough to let me snap a good one...but trust me. He does look more presentable!

I've always thought hair cuts make kids look older, but this time around, I actually think Iain looks younger! I'm not complaining though...he was getting big a bit too fast for me, so I'm not sad to be reminded he's still my little boy!

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