Friday, November 11, 2011


Remember when I said that Iain was starting to understand the different holidays? Apparently we still have a bit of work to do. Here's a conversation that took place in our house not long ago.

Neil: I’m excited about Christmas!

Iain: I AM TOO!!!!!

Neil: You should be!

Beth: What do you remember about Christmas, Iain?

Iain: Steak au poivre!

Beth: What?!

Neil: Well…kind of…

Beth: What do we put up in the living room at Christmas?

Iain: The birthday banner!

Beth: Nooo…we put lots of decorations and lights on it…It’s a big…

Iain: ELEPHANT!!!!

Beth: Um. No. It’s actually a Christmas…

Iain: Tree.

Beth: That’s right! Do you remember it?

Iain: Yes.

Beth: What color is it?

Iain: Blue.

Beth: Blue?

Iain: Yes. Bluey-dooey.

Beth: No, look out the window. What color are trees?

Iain: Green

Beth: Right. And we hang up stockings, and wrap up all kinds of fun presents for each other. But, do you know what Christmas is REALLY about? Why we celebrate it?

Iain: Yeah.

Beth: Why?

Iain: Ummm…

Beth: Whose birthday do we celebrate then?

Iain: Ummm...

Beth: What baby was born at Christmas?

Iain: LIAM!!!!

Guess we'd better get that birthday banner up, break out the steak au poivre and put lights on the elephant to celebrate Liam's birth!

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