Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween was over a week ago, but I wanted to write a bit about our weekend, so I don't forget! And since it is apparently winter come early here in Iowa (Hello Winter Wonderland!) I thought I'd better get to it, before I'm blogging pictures of the boys making snowmen!

We had a lot of fun this year making the days leading up to Halloween exciting, as Iain is now old enough to anticipate, participate and appreciate every holiday! We read books from the library about Jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, costume parties and pumpkins. We asked him what he wanted to dress up as (and weren't surprised at his choice to be Curious George!). We watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"! We checked out pumpkins in the stores, at the farmer's market and at the pumpkin patch. Of course we carved a pumpkin, and Iain even got to help use the knife, which he loved! He was super excited to wear his costume, and was especially excited that Liam was a Little Curious George.

The night of Halloween, we made pumpkin pancakes for dinner, and ate by the Jack-o-lantern light. We dressed the boys up and trick-or-treated around our (very awesome to live in but very lame for trick-0r-treating) neighborhood. We also took cookies to some of the new neighbors so we could meet them. On our entire street, we only went to four houses, because no one really participates. But the neighbors we did see were a lot of fun! Our friends Candace and Michael even had pumpkin bread for Liam, and hot chocolate for Iain, which he promptly told us was "Better than Ovaltine"! Iain was very excited going house to house, and even remembered what to say and do, although he was very shy. Liam fell asleep for most of it, but I think he liked his pumpkin bread!

After we trick-or-treated, we headed over to Neil's parents' house with Graeme and Ashlee and Baby Rowan (cutest little angry bird you ever did see!) and hung out there for a bit, and trick-or-treated at a few more houses. Then we finished the night at the GAC where all the adorable kiddos from church congregated to show off their costumes.

When we came home, Iain had to check out our (still burning) Jack-o-Lantern one more time, and then sort his candy. (Standard Halloween procedures!) Everyone was pretty exhausted after a fun-filled night, but Iain was super sad to take off his costume and have the fun end. So the next morning, I let the boys wear their monkey costumes to the library! Because if you can't wear your monkey costume to the library on the day after Halloween, where can you wear it!?

On a walk at the Farmer's Market to look at Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving with Daddy!

Our Happy Jack!

Making Candy Corn Cookies

Halloween Supper

Baby's First Halloween!

Two Little Monkeys (for real...)

At Grandma and Grandpa's House

Time to go home Monkey!

Curious George goes to the library!

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