Thursday, December 8, 2011


I guess a blog (well, this one at least!) will suffer a bit of neglect in the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I took a break today from Christmas sewing, crafting and baking, from going to concerts, plays and parties, from calming excited children and decorating the house to upload my photos. (I had no choice; my (2 GB) CF card was full!) As I looked through the pictures from the last three weeks or so (all 900 of them) I realized that with the (extraordinarily limited) amount of leisure time I have available right now, I'd never be able to do justice to all the fun that we've had over the last little while. We celebrated "Yanksgiving" with the Pitmans (real and honorary!) and (some) Pattersons. We got dolled up for the (biggest and best ever) Medline Holiday party. We decorated a tree (Liam's first!). The boys got (much needed) haircuts. And on, and on, and on. Every day this month it seems like we are doing something photo worthy. Unfortunately, there's NO time at all to do anything with the photos.

SoI figured that I have a few options:
1. Give up. Let this be "the lost month". Wonder forever, looking back, what we did in November and December of 2011.
2. Wait until things slow down and do the longest post imaginable, encompassing all holidays, family events, parties, decorating, gifts and fun from the middle of November to the middle of January into one long, rambling, run-on narrative, much like this sentence.
3. Put something up now, in an attempt to catch up, even if it's not good.

I think I am going with option three, although it goes against my nature "blog halfway". I know that a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but I never like to to post photos without telling the story behind them. And I never like to tell the story without including all the details! It just doesn't seem fair to the fun we've had to condense it into one or two measly sentences! And, this blog basically is my memory now! (As the built in one is getting a little faultier with each child we have!) So I like to be thorough. But, I guess it's better than nothing,. At least the photos will be there, even if they're not documented. And at least our story will be complete, even if it's not in words. Maybe I will end up liking it better this way! And I reserve the right to come back in January (when I have time to breathe, not to speak of folding laundry or any of the other things that are being neglected lately!) and add in the details!

So in the next week or so, look for (some short and sweet) posts about all the fun we've been having celebrating, decorating, partying and living life. But don't expect too much!

And for now, (since you've got the thousand words and you probably want the picture!) here are a few photos of our handsome little Christmas elves.

Okay, so I know I am (already) breaking my "in the interest of time, leave out photo captions" rule. But I've got to point out these two expressions. Classic Iain and Liam, captured in one shot!!

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  1. they are so handsome in their red tees! Love love love to all of you!