Friday, December 9, 2011


As a Canadian, I've never really been a fan of Thanksgiving falling at the end of November. Canadian Thanksgiving is at the beginning of October, which (in my opinion!) is a much more fitting time of year. The the harvest is being harvested, the colors are beautiful...the Christmas decorations are not up in the stores yet! Usually we look at the four days off as a great time to travel to Canada and have "pre-Christmas", but I will admit that after spending the weekend here this year, although I still think we Canucks have the right idea...I "get it" a little more. It was a wonderful weekend from start to finish, full of family, food and fun. We began with brunch, proceeded to relaxing, and then enjoyed a bountiful turkey dinner with family and friends. (Thank you Anna and Kevin, for being part of Pitman Thanksgiving. It was so. much. fun!) We sampled yummy desserts and good wine. We snuggled babies and played with toddlers, and read lots and lots of books. We watched movies (Thanksgiving and Christmas!), and had a pizza night. We had a "pasta bar" complete with a basement concert with a far away Uncle and Aunt. We went shopping and skating, and took naps. We made crafts, we baked, we cooked, and we cleaned up together! What could be better!?

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