Sunday, January 1, 2012

Birthday Boy

It's the first day of a new year, and Mr. Liam Charles Pitman is one year old! The photos from his first year of life have been reminisced over. (Were you ever that tiny?) The party's been had. (Hope you had fun little snowman; we sure did!) The cake has been (thoroughly!) enjoyed. The family and friends have gone home. (Thanks for coming guys! Love you!) The kids (and the parents!) are tuckered out, in their jammies, and ready for bed. Here are just a few photos of the birthday boy's winter celebration (nevermind that it's a balmy 50 degrees outside!) for the friends and family that we wish weren't too far away to be here with us!

It sure was a Happy Birthday for our little boy, but then again...almost every day is a happy one for Liam! On this first day of January, 2012, there's only one thing left to say to you, Little Liam: "Sweet baby boy, I love you. Sweet baby boy, I've told you this a thousand times. I'm so glad you are mine"

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