Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Official!

We're going home!
Iain loves his carseat and his beautiful quilt from Aunt Breha and Uncle Brett!
He is also excited to see his house and room for the first time... and to meet his new kitty friend Ella.
Let's hope the feeling is mutual...


  1. Hurrah! What good news! Congratulations!

  2. Yeeeaaayyy!! This is fabulous news!!!

  3. He is so precious! I love all the pictures. And I'm praising the Lord with all of you. What answers to prayer. I'll keep praying! :)

  4. What a face! He doesn't look like he's too sure about this car seat thing!

  5. He is absolutely beautiful!!
    I am so so happy for you guys! :)

  6. Hello- I am a complete stranger looking at your blog :) It's been years since I have googled ACC, although it was something I read daily about 6 years ago. 6 years ago we had a beautiful baby daughter who, after a very stressful delivery was ordered an ultrasound before leaving hospital- and the ACC was found- a huge shock and there was very little information online and certainly no stories of developmentally normal children although the literature would speak of the possibility.

    Anyway, we have a developmentally normal, bright, articulate, top of her class (grade one), hockey, soccer and basketball playing, gymnast and swimmer who is also a fantastic little singer at age 6.

    I am passing this along because it appears your son is meeting all milestones as was our daughter, but we didn't have any stories to read about children a few years ahead who were symptom-free. Oh, and she can read and write her own stories without any help from us!

    All the best, and my email is if you ever have any questions :)