Friday, April 1, 2011

1/4 Done Your Trip Around the Sun

Our "newborn" is three months old? Where did the time go? It truly feels like yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital, but your first year is already a quarter over with! Here you are little Liam, in all your three-month glory. This beautiful photo was taken a couple of weeks ago by your Uncle Graeme of Pitman Photography fame, and I think it perfectly sums up your third month! The cute little smirk and the curious eyes are just how I picture you right now!
You are SO smiley! Smiling is your favorite...! You even stop eating now to look up and coo and smile at me. I love it! And you laugh! Daddy made you laugh the first time at the beginning of March by "rapping" with you (that always tickled Iain's funny bone too!) and you haven't stopped since. You love to have little conversations with us, made up of laughs, gurgles and coos.

Your sleeping continues to go well. At night you usually make it about 8 hours and then are up to eat around 5 or 6am, and then back to sleep for about four more hours. I am happy to see we are raising another late sleeper! Naps are great too, you take two during the day in your bed that are about an hour and a half each, (one in the late morning, one in the afternoon) and then you doze in the swing or stroller or car seat in the evenings. You are a very portable baby!

At your two month appointment, you weighed almost 14 lbs and were 25 inches long, and you are still growing like a weed. You are firmly in the 3-6 month clothing camp (and some of these items are short as well!) and your 0-3 things have been packed away to send to your "little" cousin Calvin. Which is good news for him, as that little butterball seems to be following in your fatty footsteps and is needing 0-3 month clothes after just one week! You wear size 2 in disposable diapers, and your FuzziBunz seem to need moved to bigger snap settings every week! Although you are getting bigger, I think you are thinning out a bit too. You don't look like such a pudge anymore, and you seem longer as opposed to fatter! You still love to eat though!

Thankfully, this month your spitting up has gotten (a tiny bit) better too. Ugh, you are the biggest spitter around! You've given up on the pacifier again (I think this time for good), and you usually take your baths in the tub with big brother now, instead of the baby bath. You're getting a lot stronger and hold yourself up with no problem during tummy time. I think pretty soon we can get out the Jolly Jumper! We have another trip to Canada this month, so we'll see if you're still a good traveler!

You still have remnants of your dark, thick baby hair, but it is getting very thin on top. You look a bit like an old man with a comb-over! The underneath hair is coming in pretty well though, and we're interested to see what color your hair actually ends up. Your eyes are still blue! I am starting to get attached to them. You are still a total snugglebug, and love to be held, cuddled, rocked, and kissed. We don't mind this one bit! But, in true second child form, you are also fine with being left alone, and can entertain yourself with very little interaction when needed. Liam, you are such an easy baby!!

Love you little three month old boy! Congratulations on making it 1/4 of the way around the sun.

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