Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Easter Duds

What's the fun in having two boys to dress if you can't dress them in (matching) little man outfits for special occasions? Since Neil vetoed my pink and baby-blue sweater-vest idea, ("Oh Iain, you don't want to wear that! That's terrible...!") and they don't make suit and tie sets for kids under 12 months, I had to get creative. I found this awesome tutorial on how re-purpose an adult tie into a baby tie. Since I really wanted coordinating outfits though, I figured that instead of wasting the other 75% of the tie, I could make surely make second tie out of it! So I did! It was so easy...the hardest part was figuring out how to tie the tie when it wasn't around my neck for the second (shorter) tie. Paired with some jeans and a couple of black linen shirts found on clearance, and we've got an Easter outfit on our hands folks!

I post these photos today however, as I have begun to have serious doubts that anyone will be seeing (one of) the boys in this lovingly crafted tie come tomorrow. He's already saying "No thank you!", and in regards to putting something around his neck, and judging from the fact that I've never yet been able to get him to don his lovingly crafted Christmas craft apron, it may be a lost cause. I'm pretty sure Liam will wear his, but it may be covered in drool before we leave the house. Maybe we'll be able to snap one photo in the split second before disaster ensues.

Sure, girls are more fun to dress. But if anyone with boys is looking for an easy last minute Easter it is!

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