Monday, April 25, 2011

HAPPY EASTA!!!'s our Easter weekend recap! And I'll try to keep this short. I have lotsa (forty?) photos to post, and that's after I weeded through. There's just something about little boys in ties and bunny ears that makes me go all snap-happy! So I will use the photos to tell the story, as much as possible, and talk only in truncated sentences!

Friday: We spent the morning dying Easter eggs with Mom's International Students.
Liam made lots of new friends.Iain made one. (He's a little more put it mildly)
We took a trip to the mall to play, since it was so yucky out. (Perfect solution: coffee for mom and dad, play place for Iain and a stroller ride for Liam...everyone's happy!) This is when we also squeezed in our surprise visit to the Easter bunny. Surprising as well, since we never thought Iain would be interested in climbing up on the lap of a large, (slightly scary) foreign being. However...he proved us wrong, and we have the photo to prove it. Alas, Neil wouldn't let me take any photos, (as per the sign...) so we only have the one from the Bunny people. It's totally awful, but was worth every penny. Maybe we'll get it up here one day soon.

Saturday: We slept in and made a yummy breakfast. We lazed around, and then headed over to the Pitman Parents' for hockey and scones. (Kind of seems like an odd combo! If we're watching hockey, shouldn't we be eating pizza and wings or something? And if we're eating scones...we should be watching a dog show or something more refined!) But...delicious and fun, nonetheless. Iain made resurrection eggs, (he loved beating the nuts...the rest was lost on him...) and got to play with all the Easter goodies from Mom's old school stuff.

Liam snoozed and had a lovely time!
Sunday Morning: We woke up to a beautiful day!We got the boys up and let Iain do a "practice" Easter egg hunt in the living room.

Liam hung out in his bunny ears and took it all in!
"And you're just happy to be here, aren't you?"
We opened up the Easter baskets (the recorder and Easter book were highlights for Iain...the bunny ears were not...).
We dressed the boys and headed for church, snapping a quick photo of Liam in case his new outfit didn't make it further than the car ride!
I was in the nursery, so Iain was extra happy about church, and Neil even took him back out to hear the best day ever. At the end of communion, as everyone was reflecting on the beauty of Easter and the weight of what had been done for us, someone commented that they hoped we all had a happy Easter. To which our little boy responded heartily "HAPPY EASTA!!" He's quite proud of his newly acquired phrase.

Then we headed to Mom and Dad's for the "traditional" Easter egg hunt and brunch. (Note to all Pitmans. You may not recall doing this in the past. But we have decided (in Pitman fashion) that since we have done it once, and since it was so much of this year, it's a tradition!) Iain entertained us all by making faces and we snapped some (decent!) family pictures.

We headed out to hunt eggs and some other goodies Mom had gotten...He LOVED it! Daddy helped Iain while Liam hung out with Mama and tried to eat his tie.

We came back inside for our delicious brunch and then Liam snuggled with Mom and Dad while Iain played with all of his newly acquired treasures-he somehow even knew to eat the bunny's ears first!

After a few failed attempts, we got some photos of the boys in the same frame, both sitting still. The group bunny ears shot was a total loss, however, so we had to settle for the little one alone. He's too little to know to be embarrassed!

We said goodbye, and took our sugar-high boy home for a nice long nap!
We're thankful for a wonderful weekend, a wonderful day. A good time spent with family, a good time spent rejoicing! Lots of yummy food, lots of fun, lots of friends, and lots of laughs. And although most of our celebrations this year were in the silly and less-than-holy realm, we're mostly thankful that we know the true meaning of the celebration. We serve a RISEN Saviour! Praise GOD!

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