Friday, June 3, 2011

A Tale of Two Brothers...

One is not as fat as we expected, and one is not as skinny as we feared! We took both boys to the Doctor yesterday, for their checkups, and they're both more "in the middle" than we thought.

Mr. Iain is about 27 lbs and almost 36 inches, which puts him in the 90th percentile for height, and the 75th for weight! He's such a skinny-minny that we were fearing he'd be about zero-th! However, since it's still not much more than the last time he was at the doctor, which was over six months ago, and considering the deficiencies in his picky-eater diet, we thought it was time to take action! So today I instituted "Operation Smoothie"! What a miracle-worker! Our boy, who has to be coerced to eat anything for breakfast, and who's never met a fruit or vegetable he likes gobbled down a full cup of smoothie! Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, OH MY! He's getting vitamins and nutrients he hasn't met since he was spoon fed! He ate another for lunch, and we're going to try mango-berry at dinner. I'm giving him about a week to enjoy them before I start sneaking in the vegetables. Who knows? Along with the gummy vitamins he gladly chomps every day, we may stave off the scurvy yet!

As for Mr. Liam, he's just over 18 lbs and over 28 inches. That puts him squarely above 95th for height, but only in 90th for weight! We thought he'd be off the charts, and are still surprised that there are 10% of babies bigger than him-although his wee cousin Calvin is one of them! Obviously there's not a percentile measurement for thighs, because Liam's would for sure be breaking records in that arena! And the good Doc gave us the go-ahead to start solids with Liam-he actually seemed surprised we hadn't yet, although he's just barely five months. He said that he seems ready, and thought it might even help with his spitting up. So rice-cereal is in our future, and the day he gets to eat real food will no doubt be Liam's best day ever!

It's always amazing to me how two brothers can be so different! They look different, they have different coloring, they're built different, their personalities are vastly different...! But they're brothers! And while Liam has looked at Iain with adoration for a few months now, Iain is finally getting to the point where he appreciates his little brother. He likes to play with him, help with him, make him laugh, show him things...It's really fun!

I'm glad to be your Mama, Little Boys!

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