Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...and Grampy's Boy

Whether it's because they look so much alike, because both of them like to hit the hay early, or because Liam actually remembers all of the snuggles and cuddles Grampy gave him in his first few weeks of life, Liam is truly Grampy's boy. I must admit, Grammie didn't stand a chance at gaining his affections, with her little barnacle monopolizing all her time, and Liam is not exactly what you'd call stingy with his smiles. But whatever the reason, it's a fact that Liam's face lights up any time his Grampy comes in the room, and if Grampy is there, Liam has eyes for no one else!

This trip, Grampy and Liam held daily "Crawling Practice" sessions, resulting in our little lounge lizard actually pushing himself backwards on the floor to get where he was going.

Grampy even helped feed Liam, learning (at his peril) not to let go of the bowl for a second! (His bib may say "I love Grandma", but it's Grampy he was beaming at!)

But above all, any given day, you could find the two of them watching golf or hockey, reading mushroom books, or snuggled up in a chair, bed, or couch, dozing heartily.
They are truly kindred spirits!

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