Friday, October 21, 2011

Outside In

A few months ago I pondered the arrival of winter. Today, the reality of it strikes. We had our first freeze warning last night, and the crisp morning air is a definite reminder of the months (and months and months) of cold ahead. After living with fresh herbs for months, I don't know how we'll go without. So we decided to attempt some indoor herbology and yesterday morning I took it upon myself to bring these little beauties inside.

Left to right are: rosemary, oregano, chives, parsley and mint. We're going to rig up some sort of grow light, and (if it works!) this should get us through the winter! Sadly, our indoor herb garden is missing my two absolute favorite characters; cilantro and basil. But I doubt very much I could keep finicky cilantro growing indoors, as I've never had luck with it, even outside. And as for the lovely basil, I hastily yanked every single one of my plants up by the roots to make pesto about a month ago, a decision I am now regretting! (Not the pesto! It's amazing! Just the yanking by the roots...!)

After I re-potted my herbs into their winter homes, I plucked the last of the tomatoes and peppers off the vines. Then I went to work at pulling up the vegetable markers, yanking some weeds, and cleaning things out. I guess garden season really is over. Thankfully I had my handy little helper out there with me, assisting in the winterizing! We had a lot of fun digging, cutting, pulling, and playing. And does anyone else think fall flowers are the most beautiful!?!

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