Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvest Day

My friends and I practically grew up at Agape Valley. Work parties, maple syrup days, camp-outs, tubing, hayrides and bonfires...there was rarely a weekend that we weren't there for some reason. Even though I don't live nearby anymore, it's still a place that is dear to my heart, and a place that I'd love for my kids to grow up knowing about. Every year they host Harvest Day a fun-filled autumn adventure with carnival games, food, pumpkins, pie, cider and lots of picturesque scenery. It's basically my fall-dream-come-true. And every year we miss it. Sometimes by a week, sometimes by a day...we just never get it together to be there! But this year it landed the day after we arrived in Niagara, so the boys and I went. It was blustery and damp, but we still had a blast. Especially Iain! Here's what he did.

First: Lunch in the pavilion. This will always improve a grouchy boy's disposition! Hot dog sans bun was his lunch of choice, followed by cookies with his BFF Gavin.

Next: Game after game, all of which involved Iain throwing something (ping-pong balls, golf balls, hacky-sacks) into something else (muffin tins, lion's mouths, assorted shapes) at a much closer range than was technically allowed, and thereby winning a lot of prize tickets, which he was very excited about.

Then: An ill fated decision ask him if he wanted to take a four-wheeler ride with Gavin, which led to Iain getting as far as the helmet on his head and then freaking out, and then watching as Gavin bravely took the ride all by himself.

Finally: A trip to the prize table to cash in his tickets for a slinky, a fire truck bracelet and a special pencil, all of which he excitedly showed to Sugar Shack Sammy the Super Squirrel, who he (surprisingly) loved!

As for Mr. Liam? He dozed off about 15 minutes in, and napped for the entire time bundled up in the stroller. I think he had fun, but I wouldn't say he really got to experience the wonder that is Agape Valley! Maybe next year!

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