Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friday Night Lights

We're not the world's biggest football fans, and that's putting it pretty mildly. Our Canadian upbringing lends itself more to hockey, which we watch whenever we can. And of course Neil's passion for volleyball has spread to the whole family. We love a live baseball game, (mostly for the hot dogs!), and I'm sure someday we'll be watching our little mites scuttle around the soccer field. But as far as sports go, that's really about it. However, last Friday we had a free evening. The high school on our street had a homecoming football game. So we decided to go. It seemed the all-American thing to do!

We all got dressed in our red and blue to go and support the hometown Rams and donned scarfs and hats for the cold. We figured parking would be at a premium, and we'd end up somewhere not much closer than our own driveway, so we decided to walk. I strapped Liam-the-Huge-Lunker to my chest, and off we went. It's under a mile, but it felt like about ten; and uphill the whole way! Neil didn't have it much better though, alternately carrying and attempting to match stride with Iain.

As we ascended the hill to Senior High we noticed that we might have slightly under-dressed for the now-blustery weather. This was only confirmed by the other (smarter) approaching fans in winter coats and blankets. We ended up sitting on the rival Tigers' side, simply because it was on the near side of the stadium; we just couldn't bear the thought of walking all the way to the other side! (Turns out we were glad we did...when we left at half-time, the Rams were losing 38-0!) Iain was thrilled by the lights, the noise, and the sheer size of the field, bleachers and crowd. What he really wanted to do was run around, and was quite disappointed that he wasn't allowed. He also loved the music in between each play, and whenever it stopped, he'd give a huge smile and say "Again!".

Liam alternated between snuggling in the baby carrier (mostly to stay warm!), and keeping his eye on what was going on around him. Maybe he was dreaming of his future as a linebacker! He even managed to get in on the action by dropping his pacifier over the fence onto the track, from where it was returned by a kind security guard.

By this point, the cold was getting ridiculous. We'd pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that the Rams weren't making a comeback any time soon and Iain the turncoat was already cheering for the Tigers like the fans around him. We figured it was almost time to go, but before we left, we (of course) attempted to snap a decent family photo with limited success. Between the two kids, the need for a flash, the cold and the hats, our chances were pretty slim!

We were all freezing, but we stuck out the last few minutes until half-time to let Iain see the band in the show, and then headed for home. (Yay, downhill!) On our way home we asked Iain what his favorite part was. Of course he answered "The drums!". Forget sports! Somebody take this kid to a concert! Liam didn't have much to say on the trip home, as he'd somehow managed to fall asleep in spite of the cold, the dangling, and the brisk pace!

I'm not saying it's going to become a Friday night ritual, but I'm glad we went! We had a fun time together, and it made some great memories, even with the cold and the walk. Maybe next season the Rams will be better, and we'll actually go and see them win a game! Go Rams!

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