Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Haircut!

As evidenced here and here, our little man was in BIG need of a haircut! So Friday evening we took the bull by its horns (or the horse by its mane?) and got those long, luscious locks a chop. We were a little nervous about how Iain would do, as we've heard that first haircut can be quite traumatic, but he was just great! Mikaela suggested the art of distraction, or letting him sit on a parent's lap, so we started out by showing him videos (of himself of course!) and things went fine. After a few minutes, he got wise to the fact that something was going on, and asked to see her comb (he procured two quite quickly!) and scissors (which we declined). After that, he was all about the haircut, and no slight-of-hand was even needed. Mikaela did a great job; the mullet and rat tail (and rat's NEST) are gone, Iain will happily tell you that he "gotta haiw-cut", and he looks all grown up. Thanks Mik!

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