Friday, March 18, 2011


Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day (as I'm sure you all know!), and the mischief of those little leprechauns was certainly at work. Neil's Dad celebrates his birthday on St. Patrick's Day, and this was his 60th. Mom SURPRISED him all day with lots of birthday fun, culminating with a SURPRISE birthday dinner at the Olive Garden. I think he actually was SURPRISED, and it was a lot of fun! We finished off the evening with dessert and presents at our house...however...those planned birthday SURPRISES weren't the only ones that the day had in store.

I baked cupcakes for the birthday dessert, and was SURPRISED that they stuck in the pans and were a total flop! So I re-baked a layer cake, and was again SURPRISED when the cakes fell apart. I was also SURPRISED that I was able to "glue" it back together with icing and make it (slightly) presentable. I was pleasantly SURPRISED that Iain slept until 11am and then entertained himself all day while I sorted out my baking debacle.

Neil and I were VERY SURPRISED that Iain did NOT have a fit when we left him with a babysitter to go out for dinner! Maybe he's outgrown his "stranger danger" phase? Or maybe he just really likes "Aunt" Bethany. We were also SURPRISED that Liam slept the entire time she was watching the boys! We should get babysitters more often!

Iain was SURPRISED when we all burst into birthday song...he didn't quite no what to make of if, and when we finished proclaimed "AGAIN! Sing this one...'happy birthday to you' again!!" Finally, we were all quite SURPRISED when we tasted Ashlee's delectable lemon meringue pie, only to discover that it was SURPRISINGLY salty. And Ashlee was very SURPRISED to discover that the 1/2 cup of sugar for the lemon filling that she had sent Graeme to the neighbors' to borrow, was indeed 1/2 cup of SALT. And I think that Graeme was SURPRISED to learn that the neighbors he went to borrow said cup of "sugar" from keep salt in a canister on the counter...much like sugar.

Those crazy leprechauns. Always up to no good!

When my dad turned 60 last month, "Grandpa" gave a message via Iain to "Grampy" that he was an "old man". So yesterday was "Grampy's" turn to get back at him! And Iain firmly let Grandpa know that he was inducted into the "Old Man" club!

Mmm! Salt Pie!

We finished the night by busting out the leprechaun hats for old time's sake!

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