Sunday, March 13, 2011


What is it about March that always makes us jump the gun? 364 days a year, you'd never catch us clamoring to go play outside in the 40 degree weather, but give us one weekend in March that's above freezing, and we're there. It's like we don't believe that there are more nice days on the way, so we have to make the most of it while we have the chance. Or maybe we're just so tired of the long Iowa winter, and so sick of being cooped up inside that Spring fever takes over in spite of our common sense. Whatever the reason, we celebrated "Spring Ahead" by spending the afternoon outside.

Iain helped Daddy clear out the yard and hill from all of winter's debris and detritus. Then he worked on his golf game. He's been outside for four hours, and I don't know how we're ever going to get him in.

Liam spent his time bundled up in the stroller, and he wasn't too sure about this "Spring is here" business. He's now conked out from all of his unaccustomed fresh air.

Ella thought she'd won the lottery, as she's been requesting to go outside for the past three weeks. A good brushing later, she's looking a few pounds lighter!

Neil and I traded coats for sweatshirts and enjoyed the day with our boys. I started weeding the garden and Neil made the first "campfire" of spring. We're now off to cook some dinner on the grill, and stay up an hour later than usual, in honor of it staying light.

The only one who had a bad day was Mister Snowman.

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