Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Least-Featured Family Member

Ella was our "baby" long before we had babies, and while she was interested in the baby gear when we started accumulating it for Iain, a few good "Shoos" was all it took to dissuade her. And when we actually brought the BABY home...she really started keeping her distance. And now that Ella and Iain have defined their special relationship (he LOVES her, she tolerates him...he bothers her, she bites him...he thinks it's funny and does it again) she still makes herself pretty scarce from his things and his space.

Enter Baby #2. Ella does not seem frightened by Liam at all. She will lay right beside him, staring at him for hours. Instead of keeping her distance, she walks right over him without batting an eyelash. And in the past two months, we've found her sleeping curled up in the Boppy pillow, snoozing on the change table, resting in the crib, and, her favorite, reclining in the bouncy chair. Multiple times each. To say nothing of the time I went to put Liam back in bed after a night feeding, only to find her curled in the warm spot he left OR the time I went to get him up for one and found her sleeping at his feet! She is actually miffed when I shoo her out to put him in.
Is she just getting adventurous in her old age? Is it because it's winter, and any warm place to sleep will do? Does she think we bought all this gear for her, and is just deigning to allow him the use of it? Or does she actually like Liam? Has she decided that a small one is better than a big one, so she should enjoy him before he learns to pull her tail? Or does she think that he's not getting enough attention, and if a pack of wolves can raise an infant, so can a cat? I guess we'll never know!

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