Saturday, March 19, 2011

Outdoor Living

Today makes it a solid week in which we've spent the majority of each day outside. We've shed layers each day and were down to spring jackets at the end of the week; it's been lovely. Iain literally would spend his ENTIRE day outside if we'd let him-he eats his lunch outside, plays happily for hours in the yard, and whenever we're in, he begs to go back out. Liam enjoys the outdoor life as well- he has his meals Al fresco, and happily soaks up the vitamin D. The house is staying nice and clean (since we're never inside!) and I can actually sit down and enjoy a cup of tea (on the patio!) while my busy boy plays. He has utterly forsaken his winter activity (hockey) for his spring sport (golf). Guess his team didn't make the playoffs! Here are some photos (for Grampy) from this morning's golf lesson and lunch greenside. "BIG SWING!"

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