Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You're TWO Months Old Little Bear!

Oh little Liam! You are getting so big! I feel like the two month mark turns a corner of sorts, and once you're there, you're not really the "little tiny baby" that you used to be. Although, to be honest, you weren't really too tiny to begin with, my hungry little goat! Even less so now...you are growing like a weed! You're about 13lbs, and you've long outgrown your newborn clothes, and are well on your way to outgrowing your 0-3month items. You must be at least 25 inches long! Today we put you in your FuzziBunz cloth diapers for the first time, (which your brother just outgrew a couple of months ago!) and they already had to fasten on the second leg snaps! You have chubby little thighs Mister! Here you are on your two-month "birthday", the first of March (which came in like a lamb, so will it go out like a lion? Let's hope not!).

So, what's been going on with you in the last month besides getting SO big? Well, you're still a good baby! You are mostly happy all the time, as long as you're well fed, changed, burped and warm. You also love to be held, but you are happy enough to be in the swing, baby bouncer, or even your bed. You are very cuddly, and love to be close to us; you love to be held upright and tight. You still love to be swaddled, and lately you really like to watch your mobile. You are even MORE alert this month, and love to look around and take everything in. You have two stuffed giraffes that you LOVE to look at. You coo at them, smile at them, reach out for them...they are your best buddies and it's super cute!

That brings us to two of your new things! Da-dada-da! You are smiling and cooing! You've been smiling since just after you turned one month old, but we were never sure if they were real or not. You're still not super generous with your smiles, but they are definitely real. You've always been a noisy little grunter, but just in the last couple of weeks, your sounds are more purposeful and "coo-ish". We can certainly tell whether you're happy or sad by the noises you make. And you still have the best little pout when you are unhappy. Just like your big brother, you sneeze an awful lot! And just like him, you say "oooh" after you do! It's so cute! You still like tummy time (for the first few minutes anyway), and you are getting so strong!

You took your first big road trip this month, (1 500 miles, round trip) when we went to Canada to visit the Patterson crew (more details on that in a later post!) and you were a fantastic traveler, just as we'd hoped! You really seem to be a "motion baby" and love the moving car. (Let's hope you don't outgrow that!) We celebrated your first Valentine's Day (you were unimpressed), and Daddy's birthday this month too. You got baby-sat TWO times (by each set of Grandparents!) and did well both times.

You still sleep in the pack'n'play in Mom and Dad's room, but we are getting ready to move you into your own room, and your big crib, because you are sleeping like a champ! You go to bed without any trouble between 9 and 10 every night, (after your bath, which you still love!) and usually fall right asleep (although one night we came up about an hour later, and there you were, just looking all around, quiet as a mouse!). You wake up to eat usually only once in the night, and it's almost always between 3am and 5am. A few times you've made it past five (yay!) and once in a while it's a little earlier. You go right back to sleep with no trouble, and then wake up about four hours later to eat again. You're usually up for the day at about 8:30, and once in a while we're lucky enough for it to be 9 or 9:30. You take a couple of pretty good naps during the day, and doze in the swing or chair in the evenings, and you eat every three hours in the day-or sooner if you can get it! You're still a bit fussy in the evenings, but we think it's because you know that Daddy's home, so if there are two parents, and only two kids....one of those parents should be holding you! You have rediscovered the pacifier (or soozer, as your big bro calls it!) and usually want it, but it's not something you can't live without.

Your eyes are still dark blue, and your hair is still dark, but it's getting more of a reddish-gold tint every day. Your eye lashes are getting longer, your eye brows are getting darker, your baby acne has cleared up, and you are quite a handsome young man! We sure love you, and are thankful for you every day! Congratulations on all the growing and learning you've done this month little boy-you are wonderful!

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